Vinyl hall runner

The hallway is a room we often forget about. It is mainly used for storing shoes and outerwear, yet this room also has potential for design. How to design a hallway with atmosphere?

Vinyl mats for the hallway - fashionable and comfortable additions

Vinyl mats are great for hallway decoration, compared to them, a traditional carpet wouldn't stand a chance because of the dirt. The mats are easy, effortless and pleasant to clean, just use a damp cloth, with possibly a bit of detergent if the dirt is so persistent that it cannot be removed. When decorating the hallway, you can allow yourself total freedom in the choice of patterns and colours, so the vinyl mats for the hallway available in our offer have almost unlimited colour possibilities. If you want, you can buy several of them to alternate between, adding a fresh energy to the interior. The PVC mat will effectively protect the hallway floor from dust, dirt and will also be an original interior decoration. Among the most fashionable patterns this season are Moroccan and contrasting designs, which, by combining contrasts such as black and white, will add elegance to the interior and your hallway will gain a trendy glamour look. When designing a staircase or hallway, opt for modernity and elegance to transform your hallway literally in a matter of moments. Delighting family members and guests with its new look.

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