Persian patterned floor mats - PVC carpets

Floor decoration undeniably enhances the beauty of the entire interior. Of all the types of vinyl mats, the uniqueness and appeal of Persian patterns always attracts the most attention. We hope that our unique collection of PVC mats with Persian patterns will inspire you to make a change!

Persian vinyl mats for classic and modern spaces

Antique Persian textiles are a guarantee of masterful craftsmanship that wonderfully reflects the history and beliefs of the Orient. Unfortunately, original Persian decorations are unattainable for many, mainly because of their price. That's why we have created our unique collection of Persian-patterned vinyl mats, which perfectly imitate the charm of antique artworks and would look great in both classic and modern interiors.These original decorative elements, apart from giving your room an amazing look, will also be easy to clean and very durable, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

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