Vinyl floor mat for bathroom

Retro style is one of the most fashionable interior design trends of this season. No surprise there, as vintage and second-hand items are back in style. How to design a retro bathroom in a trendy and elegant way?

PVC mats for the bathroom, which one to choose?

A PVC mat will be a remarkable addition to your bathroom décor, and will work much better there than a traditional bathroom rug. By contrast, vinyl mat does not collect water, is resistant to moisture and, thanks to its slightly coarse surface, is not slippery, making it pleasant to the touch. It also doesn't require frequent replacement - just wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time or vacuum it like a normal carpet. PVC mat is the best choice for the bathroom, as an original interior decoration. Which mat to choose to achieve a retro look? Opt for the familiar and much-loved classic - a combination of black and white with a Moroccan clover will give your bathroom a retro feel and make it elegant. Other retro additions to the bathroom include artificial green plants and azulejos tile mosaic kept in black and white tones. If your conditions allow for it, you can also choose a minimalist wall painting in a thick black frame. When combined with a retro PVC mat, the additions will give your bathroom a completely different character. Our products are made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, so they can also be successfully used in apartments with small children.

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