PVC herringbone mats

Herringbone vinyl mats are characterized by an elegant and timeless design. In our shop, we offer an affordable, durable and practical solution for those who want to add a touch of class and originality to their interior.

Elegant, vintage or modern – any interior will look unique with herringbone vinyl mats

The classic herringbone pattern used for wooden floors, panels and carpets has remained a favourite among homeowners for years. For years, the herringbone pattern has been associated solely with wooden floors, but the time has come for something more innovative, improved and perfectly suited to contemporary interiors. Herringbone polyester mats are particularly suitable for the rooms of those who like to mix modern and retro styles. They will be the perfect addition to a space that is to be kept in a rustic atmosphere, but at the same time accentuated with modern additions. If you're looking for the herringbone vinyl floor of your dreams, we have a collection of stunning mats in a variety of colours that will give your interior an amazing atmosphere.

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