Ornament floor mat

How about adding a little variety to your home space? Our vinyl mats with ornaments will wonderfully decorate any room. They will be a creative decorative element that will allow you to create a modern and original interior.

Innovative vinyl mats with ornaments - the perfect way to transform your apartment

Our modern vinyl ornamental carpets, thanks to a wide range of patterns and colours, will find their use in all kinds of unique arrangements. Their unique aesthetics and print quality will make any room original and elegant. Polyester ornamental mats coated with foamed PVC are a functional and easy to install way to decorate your living room, kitchen or child's room. They are also ideal for humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Our durable mats with ornaments are also very easy to clean and ideal for the room of someone with allergies, as they have no fibres on which bacteria and allergens can accumulate. Choose the perfect ornamental vinyl mat motif for you and create a stunning new design for your space.

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