PVC floor mats - stone, tile

Vinyl mats imitating stone and tile patterns realistically reflect the beauty of real flooring. However, as opposed to hard and cold surfaces, our PVC mats are warmer and much more comfortable underfoot.

Vinyl mat with a stone and ceramic tile motif is a great addition to loft-style interiors

Enjoy the look of your floor with stone-effect vinyl rugs. How about an original marble addition to your living room or kitchen? Or perhaps you are more interested in PVC mats with a ceramic tile pattern that will look great in your bathroom. Our collection of vinyl flooring will decorate your home, accentuating your own style and giving your loft-style interior an original look. Surprise your guests with your unique aesthetics and high quality décor. Our stone vinyl mats are strong and durable. The cleaning, care and maintenance of vinyl rugs with ceramic tiles will never be a nuisance.

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