Vinyl mat for kitchen

In a modern kitchen, everything comes together to form a fashionable and functional whole. Scandinavian style, referring to simple forms and ubiquitous whiteness, combined with worktops made of light wood, has reigned in kitchen arrangements for several seasons. What additions would look good in a Scandinavian-style kitchen?

PVC mats for the kitchen - a modern accent in a classic style

Who says you can't have carpet in your kitchen? Of course you can! The modern PVC mat for the kitchen combines the functionality of a classic carpet with modernity. Its slightly coarse surface means that dust and dirt do not stick to it as they do to traditional pile carpets, making it suitable for people with allergies as well. The mat effectively protects the floor from dirt, such as splatters of fat, sauces and loose cakes, and at the same time will be a fashionable and original addition to the interior design. What kind of mat will work with the Scandinavian style? When deciding on an interior in a Scandinavian style, it is worth choosing accessories that will warm up the ubiquitous whiteness and soften its austere character. This season's particularly fashionable shades of navy blue, muted green and warm cinnamon will go well with white furniture and light wood worktops. For your kitchen, choose rather delicate, subtle patterns that do not visually overwhelm the interior. Get inspired and create your unique space with inspiration, where preparing meals becomes a real pleasure.

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