Vinyl Floor Mats

If you are looking for modern ways to decorate your floor and vinyl mats are the object of your search, this place is for you! BirdsEcho vinyl rugs are a stylish way to arrange the floor in the living room, hall, children's room, kitchen, bathroom or even on the terrace and patio. A wide selection of floor mat designs will definitely make it easier to match them to any interior.

What are modern PVC floor mats?

First of all, the vinyl floor mats we offer are a more universal interior decoration item than a traditional carpet. They can be used not only in ordinary rooms, such as a living room, hall or children's room, but also in more humid places, such as a bathroom or kitchen. The mat will also work on a terrace, patio or balcony - but make sure it is placed in a shaded place, because the sun's rays may cause the loss of its original colors. Floor mats have a smooth, uniform surface, so you can clean them with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, and thus keep them clean. The mats are made of high-quality PVC material (polyester fabric coated with foamed PVC) and have a thickness of 2 mm.

Stylish vinyl floor mats - hundreds of designs to choose from

The advantage of the proposed vinyl carpets is not only their versatility and durability, but also aesthetic value and a wide selection of patterns. To facilitate the selection, we have divided our rugs into various thematic categories, such as popular oriental and Moroccan patterns, classic patterns, or more universal patterns imitating wood, concrete or tiles. Modern methods of preparation and excellent print quality make the floor mats ideally suited to modern interiors. With the right vintage pattern, you can also match them with a rustic, Provencal and generally retro interior. Even if you do not find the right pattern or size for your mat, ask for a custom order, we will be happy to make a mat that will fully meet your expectations.

Functions and advantages of a vinyl rugs

It is worth remembering that vinyl carpets can be used where there is underfloor heating. They can also be laid on various types of surfaces, such as parquet, panels, tiles or boards. If you have a scratched or damaged floor, a vinyl rug can be a quick and cheap solution to the problem. You will simply cover any defects and damages, giving the interior a new glow and the floor will additionally have an extraordinary decoration. In the hall, a vinyl mat will help protect the floor from dirt, snow and water brought in from outside. You can also treat a vinyl rug as a bath rug, which will protect your feet from contact with cold tiles, and in addition, it will dry much faster than a traditional rug, which will improve hygiene. A very important argument - especially for allergy sufferers - will be the fact that the vinyl carpet will not accumulate dust and allergens. The mat has a smooth and washable surface, so you can always keep it clean. If you are looking for a carpet for an allergy sufferer's room - a vinyl mat will be the perfect choice!

Vinyl carpet installation

Installation of a PVC vinyl mat is child's play! You just put it in the chosen place. If you want to be sure that the vinyl rug will not move around on the floor, you can stick it to the floor with double-sided tape.

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