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Most popular interior design trends in 2024

Most popular interior design trends in 2024

The year 2024 brings many fascinating interior design trends that reflect both contemporary needs and aesthetic preferences. Here is a detailed overview of the key directions in interior design that will dominate in the coming months.

Quiet Luxury

The Quiet Luxury style focuses on subtle elegance, combining comfort with luxury. It is characterized by neutral colors, natural materials, and simplicity. Dominant here are delicate fabrics, minimalist furniture, and accessories that emphasize comfort and refinement without unnecessary opulence. The goal is to create a space that is both elegant and functional, offering a cozy and calm environment. In such an interior, a rug that combines elegance with practicality would be perfectly suited. An ideal choice would be a vinyl rug in neutral shades, for example in shades of gray or beige, with a subtle, unobtrusive herringbone pattern. Such a rug not only highlights the minimalist character of the interior but also adds warmth and sophistication. Thanks to its ease of maintenance, a vinyl rug is also a very practical solution.


Technological Interiors

The integration of technology in interior design is becoming increasingly visible. Smart homes equipped with interactive elements, such as voice-controlled lighting, automated temperature management systems, and hidden charging ports, are becoming increasingly popular, enhancing the comfort and functionality of the space. Modern technologies, such as smart mirrors with built-in displays allowing for checking the weather forecast, news, or daily schedule, facilitate daily life and allow for the creation of aesthetic and innovative interiors. Moreover, advanced audio and video systems, integrating with the home environment, offer new entertainment possibilities, and smart kitchen and bathroom devices raise the standard of living, introducing modern design into everyday routines. Such technological solutions significantly increase the convenience of using the space we live in. In such an arranged interior, a rug in a strong, decisive color or with loft/ industrial motif that emphasizes its modern and futuristic style would fit perfectly.

Japandi Style

The combination of Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese Zen aesthetics will continue to be on-trend. Japandi is characterized by simplicity, functionality, and a harmonious combination of natural materials and colors. Interiors in this style are calm and organized, with an emphasis on high quality and durability of materials. The Japandi style offers an excellent solution for those who value both minimalism and warmth and coziness. A rug with a simple, minimalist boho pattern, in subdued colors such as grays, beiges, or subtle greens, would work well in such decor.


Remaining Trends in 2024:

  • Mixing and Matching Materials

In 2024, it will be fashionable to mix different materials within a single interior, creating eclectic and dynamic arrangements. Combining metal with wood, or with velvet fabrics and leather, adds luxury and individual character to interiors. This kind of approach to interior design allows for creating unique spaces that reflect the personality and style of the owner.

  • Earth Tones and Peach Fuzz

Earth tones will dominate the color palettes of interiors in 2024. Soft browns, beiges, greens, and shades of navy will create calm and cozy spaces. Peach Fuzz, a delicate shade of peach announced by Pantone as the color of the year 2024, adds warmth and coziness to interiors. Interiors with these colors will emanate natural charm, creating a harmonious and relaxing environment.


  • Eco-friendly Solutions

Eco-friendly interiors are becoming increasingly popular. Designers are more frequently using recycled materials, promoting upcycling, and employing energy-efficient lighting solutions. This trend serves not only aesthetics but also environmental care. Using reclaimed furniture, energy-efficient light sources, and natural materials such as wood or stone is becoming the norm, emphasizing sustainable development and an ecological approach to interior design.

  • Organic Shapes and Textures

In 2024, furniture and accessories with organic shapes and textured surfaces that add depth and visual interest to interiors will be popular. Furniture resembling natural forms, such as rocks or shells, and textured wallpapers and plasters will become a key element of interior decoration. These solutions introduce nature and organicity into the interior, creating unique and inspiring spaces.

These trends show that interiors in 2024 will be a harmonious combination of nature, technology, and elegance, with an emphasis on individuality and sustainable development. From subtle luxury and eco-friendly solutions to organic forms and technologically advanced spaces, the year 2024 promises to bring many inspiring and innovative approaches to interior design.


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