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How to choose the right rug size? Practical tips

How to choose the right rug size? Practical tips

A properly selected rug will bring warmth and style to the space and will be one of those decorations that will connect the entire room into a coherent whole. We advise you on how to choose a rug for your home so that it has the right proportions and looks great in any space - from the living room to the kitchen.

How to properly lay a carpet?

The size and type of carpet will have a big influence on the overall look of the room. If the rug is too small, the room will become uninviting, and if the rug is too large, it will overwhelm the entire arrangement. It is important that the rug strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. If you are in the process of deciding which rug to choose, read our guide below to find the perfect accessory for the different areas in your home.

How to choose a carpet for the living room?

There are many factors to consider when buying a new carpet, and they all depend on the space requirements of your living room. You need to take into account the size of the living room, traffic on the carpet, where it will lie and what material it will be made of (e.g. natural fiber carpets or polyester mats).

how to choose the right rug size

The larger the living room, the wider the carpet can be, while in a small living room the carpet cannot be too large so as not to overwhelm a small space. You should also focus on choosing the right pattern that emphasizes the style of the interior. Some homeowners want their carpets to provide a sense of warmth with undertones of earthy colors for a more natural vibe. Others might prefer something with gold or silver tones for an elegant look that adds shine to the room. If your living room has hardwood floors then you might decide on a rug that has some wool in its construction as this will help protect your flooring from scratches and scuffs from shoes.

How to pair your rug and sofa sizes correctly

The couch is the central part of the house and the main meeting place with family and friends. This is where we rest after a hard day at work, drink our favorite coffee and read books. While the piece of furniture itself is very important, so is the space around it. The size of a carpet under the sofa will have a large impact on the overall presentation of this place.

There are several ways to style a rug in your living room. The right proportions of the carpet will make the room look original and atmospheric. Take a look at our visualization and choose the method of fitting the rug that best suits you:

how to choose the right rug size

Tips for choosing a kitchen rug

The size of the carpet for the kitchen will depend on the layout of the entire room. It is a space of many shapes and sizes, so you need to choose the rug that best suits your individual project.

Among owners of smaller kitchens, one of the most popular choices is a round rug in front of the kitchen sink, as it does not overwhelm the rest of the room. A bright rug with a delicate geometric pattern will also work in such spaces, which will add a bit of extraordinary character to the arrangement.

how to choose the right rug size

In the case of long kitchens with an island in the middle, we suggest a carpet runner with an interesting pattern. It's a great choice to express your style and add a splash of color to a room. Medium to larger open-floor kitchens will look great with center rugs. Such a large rug with an original motif will be a unique complement to one-color kitchen cabinets.

Things to consider when choosing a bathroom mat

Before you buy a bathroom rug, carefully measure the free space in this place. This will allow you to determine whether a rectangular or round rug will fit your bathroom layout better. Rectangular rugs, which are most often placed in front of sinks or shower cubicles, are very popular on bathroom floors. For bathrooms, we recommend vinyl mats that are very durable, resistant to moisture and, above all, easy to clean.

how to choose the right rug size

Now that you know how to pick the perfect rug for your home, there's no excuse not to refresh your living space. Expand your creativity! Find a functional rug that suits your needs and choose from thousands of beautiful patterns that are just waiting to be part of your unique arrangement.

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